The Book



Sunny is a baby boomer born in the leap year of 1948. Israel has once again become a nation after 2,500 years. The story chronologically encompasses his world travels, with news events, music, religion, and the morality of the times. He begins a revealing religious experience. This story speaks of his convictions right to the end of his life where he is thrust into an amazing discovery. This creative endeavour includes words to songs and poems that were written during his adventure of a lifetime. It is a trip that you will take in the privacy of your own mind. Sunny’s trip ends in… THE LAST GENERATION.



Book II is about a Jewish man named Mel who was Sunny’s best friend and guitar player in his band. He and his wife’s family experience the Tribulation of the Last Days mentioned in the Bible which immediately follows the Translation of the Church. The onslaught of the Antichrist brings them to Petra, the Rose Red City in the Middle East where they witness the Remnant of Israel gathered again after 2,500 years. They come face to face with the Messiah in the wilderness before becoming a part of the Lord’s Army in the battle for Jerusalem. God’s Judgements begin to fall – the very earth is in travail. The information from the Prophets and Jesus becomes a living reality at this time… as it was in the days of old.



“I am a Christian who has studied the Bible – history, eschatology, and related theologies for more than forty years. I have been involved with creative writing, poetry, and composition since childhood; was a professional musician many years and protege under outstanding professors.The Exposition delves into pre-tribulation premillennial apocalyptic eschatology. The chronological contemporary story in Books I & II, drawn from the Prophets and words of Christ, cover much ground; especially in Book III, and introduce subjects, answering questions not covered in the average church. To write the characters’ adventures I had to study many areas of the globe and become intimately familiar with various religions. It has taken me six years of intense labor to finish this three volume series, I pray you will find them informative and enlightening.”