The Author




Dear Friends,

God bless you! I pray that you are prospering even as your soul prospers. I wanted to give you some background on myself as an author, composer, singer, and musician. I am a Christian who has studied the Bible — the history of it, eschatology, and related theologies for more than forty years, and I have been involved with creative writing since I was a child. I started writing when I was only seventeen years old and have attended several colleges and universities where professors respected my talents and encouraged me to enter various state and national contests. I was a recording artist back when engineers used wide tape and producers cut records as 45’s. I have taken private lessons on several different instruments including percussion, violin, piano, organ, bass, and guitar. I have also taken vocal lessons from three different professors and composition from a conservatory composer. I played as a professional musician on the road for over ten years. At one time I was being produced as a single artist with a management organization out of Washington D.C, I have worked with many recording studios and have had bids on my results from major recording labels.

The reason I have mentioned my qualifications as a musician here is that the main character in this book is a musician. In order to write his story I needed firsthand experience and a clear understanding of the music industry — I had to be informed on the culture and trends of the era of which I have written. To write this character’s adventures I studied many areas of the globe and became intimately involved with various religious beliefs. Having had close relationships with many families, I have done extensive research on this subject.

I am dedicating my first book, I’LL BE HERE WAITING, to my mother… and to yours. The sequel is entitled UNDER MY WING. I hope you will enjoy them both and find them informative and interesting.